HotTug & COVID-19
update 26 maart 2020

Dear visitors of the HotTug,

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have consulted various authorities. Based on these conversations, we have come to the conclusion that we can continue our services in Rotterdam with a low risk of contamination for our customers and our staff.

However, the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained in the HotTug. Therefore we have the policy, we only allow couples and families from one household. Groups in other living situations, such as students / housemates living together in one house, are difficult for us to control and therefore we cannot accept them. As a rule, we keep a maximum of 2 adults with their children.

We shall maintain the rules of the RIVM
- Wash your hands regularly
- Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
- Use tissue paper
- Don't shake hands
- Stay at home if you have a cold

Cleaning of the HotTug and the rental station
In a normal situation, the HotTug is cleaned before and after each trip with ecologically degradable soap and a high-pressure sprayer. The unique thing about the HotTug compared to a swimming pool is that each group gets its own clean bath water.
The toilet is also cleaned for each group and the dressing room is cleaned and tidy.

In addition to the usual cleaning, additional measures will now also be taken.

Extra measures
We shall clean the HotTug with disinfectant detergents. We will also add a safe dose of chlorine to the bath water.
Furthermore, all parts of the HotTug, the reception and the dressing area, that our guests touch with their hands, will be cleaned with disinfectant detergent. For instance, the top of the HotTug, the drinking containers, controls, tiller of the boat, the iPad for the contract, the door handles, benches, dressing room, heating, clothes hooks, the tap in the toilet, etc ...

Finally, we would like to request you to pay extra attention to the times of arrival that we communicate to you. This is to prevent contact with other HotTug visitors.

With these measures we hope to be able to offer you the quality that we would like to give and that you are used to from us.

We wish you a pleasant, carefree and relaxed experience in the HotTug!